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Board Meeting May 9, 2017 Updated 4/22/2017

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 9, for the next open meeting of the Willow Walk Board of Directors, 7:30 pm at the Palatine Library. In addition to the regular agenda, there will be a presentation with important information about anticipated future maintenance of the pool. Please read the mailed notice for more information. It will be arriving this week. Also, if you have not already received your copy of the new Willow Walk directory, they will be available at the meeting. Hope to see you there!

Board Meeting November 9, 2016 Updated 11/9/2016
There will be an open meeting of the Willow Walk Board of Directors on Wednesday, November 9 at 7:30 pm at the Palatine Fire Station on Illinois Avenue. 

Minutes of the June 2016 Board Meeting Updated 11/9/2016


June 12, 2016



The meeting was called to order on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7:35 pm at the Willow Walk pool.

Board members in attendance:  Anne Lewis, Pete Caminiti, Susan Gould, Gina Steiner, Jared Zuniga.   

  1. Reports


  1. Treasurer: Susan Gould
  • Ms. Gould reported the amounts in the cash account and the reserves as of  6/27/2016. There is also an amount remaining in the special assessment fund.  Dues mailings went out on April 1. The tax return was completed. All insurance has been renewed. There was additional discussion of having a mail box at the pool, but it was decided not to pursue this at this time. There was a discussion of how late dues payments are handled. All dues payments are expected to be on time. Rarely there is an extenuating circumstance that may require a brief extension. There have been no recent problems collecting the dues.


  1. Common Grounds: Pete Caminiti
  • Mr. Caminiti reported that the landscaping around the sign at Illinois and Roselle was completed with the help of volunteers. Volunteer help will be solicited to landscape the sign at Roselle and Borders. There was an inquiry as to whether weed control could be applied to the grass at the pool. Mr. Caminiti indicated there is no money in the budget for this purpose.


  1. Communications: Gina Steiner
  • Ms. Steiner reported on the status of various mailings and social media. There was brief discussion of the next newsletter, but a definite time frame was not chosen. There was discussion of new neighbors—how to welcome them and how to get them accepted on the neighborhood Facebook page. Ms. Steiner volunteered to help welcome the neighbors based on move-in/move-out information provided to the Board. It was suggested that other volunteers from the neighborhood would be happy to help with this. A small plant would be paid for from the Willow Walk budget for purposes of greeting new neighbors, and the greeters should give the newcomers a quick orientation to the HOA, the benefits, the website, and the existence of various guidelines.



D.  Pool Operations: Jared Zuniga

  • Mr. Zuniga reported on the general cost associated with running the pool. There were several maintenance items that needed to be paid for this season, in addition

to the purchase of the new furniture.  Mr. Zuniga also laid out the challenges presented by the baby pool, which tends to crack each winter due to freezing and thawing. It can be very costly to repair this each season, and repair is required each season. This past winter was relatively mild, so the repair was relatively inexpensive this year. However, a long-term plan will need to be developed for addressing this issue, and possible other ways to use the space if a baby pool is no longer a viable option. It was determined that feedback from as many homeowners as possible would be solicited before any decisions are made regarding the baby pool. The schedule for the season was reviewed. The pool will not remain open this season beyond Labor Day weekend.


  1. Architectural Committee
  • The Architectural Committee chair was unable to attend. Board president Anne Lewis gave a brief report regarding the status of the guidelines, which have been given a thorough updating. Board members will review the updated guidelines and then they will be available for discussion at a future HOA meeting.


  1. Other Business
  • Ms. Gould shared some suggested social media guidelines for the HOA/neighborhood. These will be reviewed by the Board and interested HOA members before posting.


  1. Adjourment
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.




Upcoming Board Meeting Updated 6/19/2016
Homeowners are invited to the upcoming meeting of the Willow Walk Board of Directors on Wednesday, June 29, at 7:30 pm at the Willow Walk pool.

Preventable Measures on Coyote Encounters Updated 10/26/2015

From Our Village.....

It is unrealistic to think we can rid our urban areas of coyote, raccoons, opossum, skunk, or other wildlife. Even if 5 or 10 coyote are removed, there are countless others that migrate or are born every year. Studies conducted by DNR and the Cook County Wildlife District have shown that coyotes attempt to return to the habitat they were removed from. We, as intelligent human beings, need to learn to live in harmony with all our wildlife friends and realize that we have displaced them. Please take note of the following information and tips:

Food Sources

  • Do not provide food sources for or attempt to feed coyotes.
  • Keep trash securely contained and do not leave any outside food for pets.
  • Clear away any brush or wood piles to deter smaller wildlife from residing there.
  • Consider fencing in your yard with at least 6 foot high fencing.
  • Install motion light sensors.
  • Animal-proof decks and porches to prevent raccoons, opossum, skunks and other small wildlife from residing there. 


  • If a coyote approaches you, act aggressively, make loud noises, throw rocks, spray with a hose, etc. Although the response may not be immediate, the coyote will leave. If the coyote approaches, it is out of curiosity.
  • Teach your children to respect wildlife as well as to not approach them. Do not leave small children unattended. Unfortunately, a child may perceive the coyote as a dog and try approaching it.


  • Never leave smaller pets unattended. Larger dogs may be perceived by the coyote as a threat.
  • Always have a responsible person walk your leashed dog. The leash law is enforced not only because it is a Village Ordinance, but also for the safety of your pets. It not only protects them from encounters with wildlife, but from other domestic animals as well. We often have incidents of dogs being bitten by other dogs running loose.

The Urban Coyote Research Project, largely funded by the Cook County Animal and Rabies Control Agency, is a comprehensive ecological study of coyotes in the Chicago metropolitan area, specifically Cook County, Illinois. If you would like more information on this project or to view research, findings, and other useful facts, please click here

If you believe a coyote is a direct threat to human safety (bold aggression such as growling, stalking, chasing), please call 911. Other questions or non-safety issues can be directed to the Palatine Police Department's Animal Control at (847) 202-6627.

Important Message About the Pool Updated 9/18/2015

An important message about entry to the Willow Walk pool--


July 9, 2015

Dear Homeowners,

In recent weeks we have seen numerous incidents at the pool where unauthorized parties have tried to access/attend our pool and have verbally accosted our lifeguards when asked to leave. Our lifeguards/pool management company have been doing their best to turn these parties away, but with that in mind the current lifeguards do not know everyone in the neighborhood. The current sign-in process requires each homeowner to provide name and address; however, unauthorized people have attempted to abuse this system. As such we have decided to improve our identification/pool admittance procedures.

Effective 8/1 we will begin utilizing a Willow Walk “Pool Pass." We will provide each homeowner with two (2) individually numbered plastic passes which will need to presented to the lifeguard on duty to gain entry to the pool; those without a pass will be asked to return with a pass. The lifeguards will have a register of the card numbers issued. This will help the lifeguards identify those parties who are authorized to use the pool. As a reminder a homeowner is required to be present with all guests at the pool. The pass is not intended to be handed out to unrelated guests. The lifeguards will reserve the right to ask for further identification, if they feel this is being abused and if they feel as though non-homeowners are using a pass. We also ask each and every homeowner in attendance at the pool to be on the lookout and question suspicious parties and identify them to the lifeguards.

To roll out this new program we will distribute cards at the pool Thursdays and Fridays from 3-7pm during the month of July, so we encourage all homeowners to see the lifeguards to obtain their cards. Please bring photo ID showing your Willow Walk address. Should this timing not work, please contact Jared Zuniga to arrange a pick up.

We will be able to replace lost cards, but due to the cost of continuing to administer such a program on an ongoing basis we will charge $3 to replace lost cards.

Should you have any questions please contact Jared Zuniga at 847-212-6363 or jared.j.zuniga@gmail.com

Pool Manager,

Jared Zuniga



Architectural Committee Approval Reminder Updated 4/13/2015

REMINDER: Dear Willow Walk Homeowners,

It has come to the board’s attention, that many homeowners are not following the guidelines listed in the Willow Walk Homeowner’s Association Declarations and By- Laws. 

We are sending this reminder to ensure that we preserve the architectural integrity and aesthetic environment of the community. 

As stated in Rules and Regulations, which can be found at the back of our Willow Walk directory,” If a Homeowner is planning on constructing an improvement and/or alteration in conformity with the requirements of the Declaration and Architectural Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors of Association; it is hereby agreed as follows:” 

    The Homeowner must submit an Architectural/Landscaping form which can be found on the Willow Walk website; www.willowwalk.org.  This application must be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the next scheduled Architectural/Board meeting. The committee than has up to six weeks of receipt of the form to notify the Homeowner of acceptance or rejection. Please note that faster Architectural Committee response may be requested when submitting the form

These requests include, but are not limited to:

  1. Replacing siding
  2. Changing the exterior color of the home
  3. Adding/removing landscaping
  4. Enlarging patios/decks
  5. Addition or removal of trees. (Please note, if a Willow tree is removed, it must be replaced with another Willow tree or a tree that has been approved in accordance with the Willow Tree Replacement Program which can be found on this website.)

  1. Additions, Porticos, etc.

Also, it is the Homeowner’s responsibility to have working lamp posts which are on each individual homesite. This also helps to maintain the overall architectural look of the community. While most of the lamps are still gas, some home owners have converted them to electric. These lamps need to be maintained by replacing the mantles in the gas lamps and light bulbs in the electric lamps. 

Thank you for taking the time to reacquaint yourselves with the rules and regulations of our community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Architectural committee. The members are listed on the Willow Walk website.


Suspicious Behavior Crime Alert Updated 9/18/2015
Hello Neighbors,
This email was sent by Dave Schmidt and needs to be taken seriously. "Crimes of opportunity" is what the police department call this MO
Someone may be "looking for a lost pet" when they are really working with a partner checking for open garage side doors or patio sliders to gain access to your home.

Please be sure that whenever anyone comes to your door soliciting you do not leave your home -see the link to the attached Palatine website - video - police department
http://www.palatine.il.us/video/default.aspx?id=42 where it shows a demonstration of this crime. I'm not saying this woman was engaged in this behavoir -- I'm only sending out a "please be Alert " warning.

Be safe and have a fabulous holiday, Isa Noe

Hi guys do you have a email list to send out an important message to willow walk? Shelia and Casey have both had an encounter in the past 24 hours on our street with a suspicious lady in a car , staying she is a tutor and trying to map out demographics of people in willow walk. I would like to forward this message to everyone. We called the non emergency number and there wasn't much the police could do.

The police need us to call 911 next time we see her. She is in a small black compact car, maybe of eastern European decent. This could be innocent , but you never know nowadays.

Dave Schmidt

Multimedia Center | Village of Palatine www.palatine.il.us Click here to see the Multimedia Center for the Village of Palatine.

Welcome to the Willow Walk Website Updated 8/2/2011
This website is designed for Willow Walk residents to access news and information about their community.  Look for the latest social events, pool information, meeting schedules, rules & regulations, and document downloads.   If you are looking for information that is not posted on this site, please contact the board.

Willow Tree Replacement Program Updated 6/19/2010

Willow Walk has matured to the point where many of the Weeping Willow trees have begun to die out. The trees were originally planted primarily rear lot lines of the homes. The purpose of planting them there was to drink up the excess ground water. The lots in the subdivision were contoured to drain rain water away from the living structures and create a natural drainage to either the retention pond or out of the subdivision. Willow walk was developed over soil that was prone to retain moisture. The Willow trees are plants that thrive in wet ground.

Many homeowners have expressed concern that these trees are brittle and are prone to drop branched from the trees creating excessive policing by homeowners in an effort to keep their yards clean and neat.

At the request of the Board of Directors the Architectural Committee has carefully evaluated the aforementioned problem and now presents its recommendation for an ongoing tree replacement program that keeps the aesthetic integrity of the community in mind.

It is hereby recommended that each membership lot within Willow Walk have no less than one Weeping Willow tree planted along the back lot line, outside of the utility right-of-way at all times. If the lot has only one Weeping Willow tree, the homeowner must replace it will another Weeping Willow tree. If the lot has more than one Weeping Willow Tree, again one of the weeping willow trees must be replaced with another. The homeowner must replace the other Weeping Willow trees, tree-for-tree, with the following options: 

  • American Sycamore
  • Autumn Purple White Ash
  • Bald Cypress
  • River Birch
  • Sugar Maple
  • Swamp White Oak

Other options presented by homeowner shall be considered, but must demonstrate that it is comparable to those recommended above. Any of the Weeping Willow trees removed must be replaced within 12-months of its / their removal. 

The Architectural Committee will oversee the tree replacement program as part of its responsibilities. Those homeowners who have had Weeping Willows removed in the past 24 months and not replaced the trees will be contacted and informed that they must replace the tree(s).

Respectfully submitted,

Architectural Committee

EASTER EGG HUNT 2007 Updated 5/5/2007

It was cold, but the hunters were well dressed and no amount of cold was going to keep them away from collecting their eggs.  Can you say burr?  

Easter Egg photos are here


1976 Willow Walk Updated 1/4/2007

hanks to Michael & Gea Collins for sending in neighborhood photo's from 1976....

The first photo above shows what the pond used to look like.  Note the very young willow trees around the pond - and you can even see the pool on the left of the image.

The second photo above is the Collins house shortly after they moved in; with Gea in the front yard next to a newly planted Oak tree


Articles, By-Laws, & Declaratiions Updated 1/15/2007
It is the responsibility of all Homeowners as part of their real estate transaction to obtain copies of Willow Walk Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and By-Laws.  These documents contain conditional covenants including Architectural and Landscaping regulations.  Visit the documents section of this website for download scanned versions.  Or, an official re-print of these documents will be provided by the Board of Directors upon written request including payment of $25.00 payable to Willow Walk Inc.